Hexatron Engineering, Hexadyne P60 engine, Hexatron now delivering Hexadyne P 60 aircraft engine for light sport aircraft.

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Hexadyne P60 twin cylinder 4 stroke engine.

Back in 2002 I did an interview with Fred Parker who had installed a Hexadyne P60 twin cylinder opposed four stroke engine on his Skyraider. At that time the engine was still in the prototype stage and the bugs were being worked out.

At Airventure 2005 Fred was back with his Skyraider in the Hexatron Engineering Co. booth. Apparently the P60 is now in production and 20 engines have been delivered to customers.

According to Fred the engine runs very smooth even down at an idle, and has plenty of power. The  P60 is using electronic ignition with each cylinder having it's own transformer.

The P60 uses a very simple direct fuel injection system, that has only four sensors. This eliminates the possibility of carb icing, since the fuel and air enter the engine through two different ports. Another advantage of the fuel injection is temperature and altitude compensation.

For fine tuning while flying the engine also has an auxiliary mixture control in the cabin.

The engine puts out 60 H.P. uses a 2.50 to 1 gear reduction, maximum sustained r.p.m is 6,000 and cruise r.p.m. comes in at 4700. Current T.B.O. is predicted to be 1200 hours with a rebuild cost estimated at around $800.00.

For more information contact:

Hexatron Engineering Co. Inc.
1998 N Redwood Road,
PO Box 26896 Salt Lake City

Hexatron Engineering, Hexadyne P60 engine, Hexatron now delivering Hexadyne P 60 aircraft engine for light sport aircraft.

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