Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure, E.A.A. Airventure light sport aircraft at Airventure 2005.

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Airventure 2005

The Experimental Aircraft Association's Airventure aircraft exposition draws hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts to Oshkosh Wisconsin every year.

One of the busiest and fast growing sections of aviation at Airventure is now called the Light Sport Aircraft or LSA.

The following is coverage of Airventure's LSA section

Scott Hughes, Houston, TX  Predator 138
Reggie ?Nail? Toler, Franklin, IL 
Buckeye Legal Eagle
Jeff Williams, Caledonia, Michigan
Powrachute ? Air Wolf
Donald Cooney, Knoxville, TN  Prowler Trike
Ronald Wilson, Murillo, ON Acrolite IT
1 Acrolite light sport aircraft
2 Acrolite 1T light sport aircraft
3 Aerostar Festival light sport aircraft.
4 Airborne Edge 582 XT
5 Airwolf 912 powered parachute from Powrachute
6 Bushcaddy R80 all metal light sport aircraft
7 Free Bird Classic light sport aircraft and accessories
8 Gemini Industries UltraStar part 103 legal powered parachute
9 Grand Spree Model R, metal aircraft built from raw materials.
10 Hexadyne P60 twin cylinder 4 stroke engine.
11 HKS Challenger and Quicksilver GT 400 aircraft engine mounts, Lost Hill Aviation.
12 MD-3 SportRider from FlyItalia.
13 Mosquito XE single place ultralight helicopter
14 Paracruiser Paragliders, Paratrike paragliders.
15 Phantom with tapered wing and strut bracing.
16 Phoenix Aero powered parachute.
17 Pipistrel U.S.A. - Sinus motor glider, & Virus motor gliders
18 Raceair Designs F 33 Hirth powered Zipster
19 RAD communication systems.
20 RadCam radial engine.
21 Raven Redrive turbo for Suzuki - Geo aircraft engine conversion.
22 Seagull Escape Pod
23 Summit Steel Breeze powered parachute
24 Wicks Aircraft supply now offering the Hornet and Super Hornet.
25 Yamaha Genesis Extreme aircraft engine
  Volunteers at Airventure
  Civil Air Patol - CAP at Airventure

Acrolite light sport aircraft
Acrolite light sport aircraft

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Volunteers Civil Air Patrol

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