Evolution powered parachute from Wings & Things Spring Glen Utah.

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Evolution powered parachute.

Wings & Things of Utah was at Sun N Fun with The Evolution a new two seat powered parachute, that was uniquely different in several ways. First it featured a welded 304 stainless steel fuselage, bungee cord suspension system and was powered by a 4 cylinder 4 stroke Jabiru engine.

The factory chose stainless steel for their craft because it is stronger than mild steel, and not brittle and prone to fracture as 4130 chromemoly steel. Plus it is corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance free and can be polished to a high luster. Another advantage is the weight saving using smaller diameter tubing. The Evolution comes in complete with parachute, and engine at 389 lbs.

Each of the 300 plus pieces of tubing are cut, fitted and tack welded in jigs. The fuselage is then placed in a 360 degree rotating welding stand to help eliminate any welding distortion.

The craft has suspension on all three wheels. A rubber dampening air bag for the front wheel and regular aircraft bungee cords on each of the rear suspension arms.

Power is supplied by the Jabiru 4 cylinder, air cooled 85 horsepower, direct drive aircraft engine which has been certified in Australia. The engine is machined from billet aluminum, using C & C equipment. It has no gaskets, everything is a metal to metal fit. TBO is 2,000 hours. Because the engine is direct drive the top RPM is 3250 with cruise on the Evolution coming it at 2200 RPM.

The Evolution uses a 500 square foot APCO chute and according to the factory at 8,000 feet density altitude, which is where they fly at, they are able to climb out at over 500 feet per minute.

For more information contact:
Wings & Things Inc.
1765 W 4300 N.
Spring Glen UT 84526

Evolution powered parachute from Wings & Things Spring Glen Utah.
Stainless steel welded fuselage.

Evolution powered parachute.
Evolution powered parachute.

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