Soaring Concepts of Sturgis Michigan's two seat Sky Trek powered parachute.

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Soaring Concepts, Sky Trek two seat powered parachute.

Soaring Concepts of Sturgis Michigan was at Sun N Fun for the first time with their Sky Trek two seat powered parachute. While the company has been in business for over 4 1/2 years and has been attending smaller shows it was decided this year that Sun N Fun would be added to their schedule.

The concept behind the design of the Sky Trek was to "design a powered parachute that would stand the training abuse that a school would put it through." For that reason the craft is made "from 4130 chromoly steel tubing which gives it three times the structural strength of craft constructed from aluminum tubing."

The Sky Trek features front and back seating with the front seat being adjustable for different pilot heights. It comes supplied with the E.I.S. engine information system from Grand Rapids Technology, and the Rotax 582, 65 HP liquid cooled engine. The engine is cooled by a top of the line aluminum Griffin radiator. A three blade prop is standard with a 4 blade option available.

It is equipped with dual controls, and a 4 piece pilot harness,

Two styles of suspension are offered the standard fibreflex axle system, and the optional air strut axle suspension system. The air strut suspension system is adjustable and can be adjusted from 295 lbs. psi. down to whatever pressure of ride you want. Disc brakes are also an option.

Chutes offered include the standard Apco,and optional PD, and Elan. The Sky Trek comes fully assembled ready to fly from the factory.

The Sky Trek is offered through a dealer network, and over 50 craft are currently flying.

Sky Trek Specifications Performance
Seating- Dual bucket seats
Empty Weight- 384lbs W/Electric Start
Gross Weight- 950lbs
Canopy Span- 32.9 feet
Canopy Area- 500 Square Feet
Fuel Cell- 10US Gal
Propeller- 3 Blade 63" PowerFin
Length- 122 Inches
Height- 84 Inches
Kit Type- Fully Assembled
Standard Engine- Rotax 582 Liquid Cooled
Power- 65 Hp at 6500 rpm
Power Loading- 9.6 Lbs per Hp
Cruise Speed- 30-32 Mph
Glide Rate- 4:1 Max
Rate of Climb- 900 Fpm Max
Take off Distance- 100-200 Feet
Landing Distance- 100 Feet
For more information contact:
Soaring Concepts, Inc.
26290 M-86 Sturgis,
MI 49091

Soaring Concepts, Sky Trek two seat powered parachute.

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