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Beaver RX 550 ultralight, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

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The Beaver RX 550 Plus is a redesigned version of the venerable RX 550, which was  first introduced in 1986.

The main differences are in the wing and control system. The new wing uses strut, instead of wire bracing in the wing and is covered in conventional fabric rather than dacron sail cloth.

The basic kit can be built in about 200 hours, with delivery times from the factory reported at about two months from time of placing an order.

The kit uses aluminum tube, bolt together construction in the fuselage. The wings use a ladder construction design featuring aluminum leading and trailing edge spars, aluminum compression struts, and aluminum wing ribs.

The wing and tail sections are covered in standard aircraft covering material.

The RX 550 Plus, is a trigear aircraft with front and back seating, dual stick, rudder and throttle controls. The aircraft performs adequately with the 503 Rotax but my preference would be to go with the 582.

With the Rotax 503 cruise is about 65 m.p.h. and climb at gross around 650 feet per minute. The 582 will increase these figures by about 30%.

Its price is within reach of the average flyer, and makes a good two place trainer, although the instructor when flying from the back is a little uncomfortable. Its light weight, and large wing area give it very docile handling, with stall around 35. Aileron control pressure is noticeable. 

Beaver RX 550 ultralight, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft specifications
Type - Tri-Gear Swept Mono High Wing (Detachable)
Length - 20 foot - 8 inches
Height - 6 foot - 8 inches
Wing Span - 32 feet
Wing Area - 154.5 sq. ft
Seats - Tandem
Empty Weight - 430 lbs
Gross Weight - 1050 lbs
Fuel Capacity 10 U.S. Gallons
Build Time Average 180 - 200 hours
Design Load Factors * Plus 4G Minus 2G
* Load Factors were designed with a 1.5 safety margin and were also static load tested to over 6.08 Gs + without any permanent deformation
Performance Rotax 503 - 50 hp Rotax 582 - 65 hp
Vne 105 mph 105 mph
Top Level Speed 75 mph 85 mph
Cruise Speed 65 mph 73 mph
Power Off Stall Speed 37 mph 37 mph
Rate of Climb 900 fpm 1050 fpm
Take of Distance 250 ft. 200 ft.
Service Ceiling 15,000 ft. 15, 000 ft.

Beaver RX 550 ultralight - experimental lightsport aircraft

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