Carrera 180 light sport aircraft, Carrera 180 experimental light sport aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.

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Carrera 180 light sport aircraft, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

Carrera 180 Manufacturer/Distributor
Advanced Aviation - Keuthan Aviation
Orlando Florida - No longer in business, no longer in production.

The Carrera 180, a non-amphibious sister to the Buccaneer II,  is a sleek machine, from the shape of its slender nose to the shape of its streamlined struts. The design was introduced in 1992.

The 475-lb craft offers a good power-to-weight ratio and power-off glide performance, as well as crisp handling and lightly pressured response. Gross weight is 1100 lbs... quite a load. The high-wing, strut-braced taildragger is also available as a tri-gear.

The Carrera 180 is a Rotax 582-DCDI-powered side-by-side construct. Rotax 618 and 912 engines were available for this bird. Seating is quite comfortable with the cabin 30" wide and offering 48" of headroom and 43" of legroom. The Carrera 180 offers dual controls and the handling is well suited to simple cruising and flight training. A 12-gal fuel capacity will take you 225 miles before you have to get out and push. An 18-gal tank is also available. The service ceiling is 14,000'.

Mechanical brakes on the mail gear give it excellent short-field performance often landing in as little as 175' (and I've done close to that). Takeoffs with the Rotax 582 take only 250'. For those of you who enjoy wind in the face, the doors are removable. The Carrera 180 climbs out at over 1,000 feet per minute solo and around 760 with two on board and full fuel.

The kit features a bolt together fuselage structure covered in dacron sail cloth with a composite nose cone. Building times were in the 150 hour to 200 hour range. How fast can you fly? Top speed is 90 mph and cruise speed 75 mph. The Carrera 180 is agile, easy to fly, and perfect for training situations.

The Carrera 180 is a fun and comfortable flyer (excellent control response with agile handling) all my Carrera 180 flying been done in 20-mph winds. The tri-gear version is stable but the taildragger version is a lot more. The Carrera 180 also makes for an outstanding trainer because of its excellent manners and better-than average stability.

Design/Engineering: B+. Rugged, simple construction.
Ground Handling: B-.
Flight Characteristics: B+. Very aggressive control system.
Kit/Plans: B-.
Bang for the Buck: B+.
Final Grade: B. Recommended.

Carrera 180 - Advanced Aviation / Keuthan Aviation  
Seats 2
Length: 22 ft 2 in (6.76 m)
Wingspan: 31 ft 3 in (9.52 m)
Height: 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)
Wing area: 152 ft? (14.12 m?)
Empty weight: 410 lb (186 kg)
Gross weight: 950 lb (431 kg)
Powerplant: Rotax 582, 65 hp (48.5 kW)
Maximum speed: 95 mph
Cruise speed: 75mph
Stall speed: 30 mph
Rate of climb: 800 fpm

Carrera 180 light sport aircraft, Carrera 180 experimental light sport aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.
Carrera 180 light sport aircraft - experimental lightsport aircraft

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