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Dakota Hawk experimental aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft, amateur built aircraft.


The Fisher Flying Product Dakota Hawk, proves that the people at this company realize that we all don't shop in the "petite" section.

Having larger dimensions than any other Fisher Flying Products model, the Dakota Hawk is obviously meant for the pilot who doesn't like to feel cramped. It offers 45 inches of legroom and can accommodate a payload of 550 pounds.

In order to facilitate the needs of an "ample occupant" (as the FFP people put it), they designed the engine quarters for a four-stroke engine (various engines--from Rotax to Continental to Norton to Subaru to VW Conversions--will work, as long as they are in the 75 to 100 horsepower category) and also added a "beefed-up" main spar.

You can cruise all day in this thing at 95 mph.... providing you stop after two-and-a-half hours for a fill-up. Top speed is right around 100 mph. The folks at FFP headquarters promise us that the folding wings on this 600-pound craft can be either set-up or taken-down in just five minutes.

Wheelpants and wingtanks are available so that you can customize your Dakota Hawk.

Roughly 500 hours of your time will be enough to build this craft; however, a quick-build option is available which will cut at least 100 hours off of that... maybe even 200 if you're lucky!

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