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Light Sport Aircraft Pilot is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, ELSA or homebuilt aircraft in the United States and Canada. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.

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Hy Tek Hurricane experimental aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft, amateur built aircraft.

Manufacturer - Hy Tek Hurricane Aurora OR
No longer in production/No longer in business.

The Hurricane is a single-seat trigear with the engine mounted in front of the wing. The Hurricane is a three-time winner in Best Type Assembly Kit at Sun 'n Fun.

It has an aerodynamic composite body and windshield. The Hurricane HP Clipped Wing was introduced in 1992 and there are more than 80 completed.

It is powered by a 52-hp Rotax 503 engine with an adjustable-pitch prop. Other acceptable engines include a Rotax 582 and Hirth 2706.

Cruise is 70 mph with the 503 and VNE is 100 mph. Rate of climb is a respectable 900 fpm. Takeoff requires 100' and landing only 150'. Stall speed is 30 mph. Cruise range with the standard 10-gal fuel load is 100 miles. The service ceiling is 12,500'.Weighing in at 275 lbs. the Hurricane can carry a payload of 240 lbs with full fuel.

Standing 8.3' in height and 16.8' in length, the craft is constructed of metal, tubing, and fabric. Wingspan on the bird is 26' with an area of 135 sq ft. wing loading is 3.8 lbs/sq ft and the structural limits are +8 and -6 G.

Original build time approximately 80 hours. Options included a larger windshield, BRS parachute, and flaps.

ZOOM REPORT: Like its forebearers, the Hurricane is a rugged beast with a responsive soul that never seems to get too sensitive for new flyers. Agile, attractive, and very much a ball to fly. It a solid value and a definite contender for your flying dollar.

Design/Engineering: B+. Strong and run Ground Handling: B+. Very docile.

Flight Characteristics: B+. Responsive but not twitchy.

Kit/Plans: N/A. Insufficient data.

Bang for the Buck: B+. A pretty decent value.

Risk Factor: N/A. Insufficient data.

Final Grade: N/A. Insufficient data.

Hy Tek Hurricane experimental homebuilt lightsport aircraft
Hy Tek Hurricane experimental homebuilt lightsport aircraft

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