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Kitfox Lite Squared experimental aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft, amateur built aircraft.

Manufacturer/Skystar/No longer in business
No longer in production.

At Sun N Fun in 1984 I had the pleasure to interview an aircraft designer and manufacturer called Dan Denney. He was at the show with his new Kitfox. Dan and his Kitfox became one of the leaders in light aircraft manufacturing in the world.

Dan has since sold the factory and design to move on to other things. The factory continues to build the Kitfox in a number of models. This year they introduced their latest design the Kitfox Lite squared.

The Kitfox Lite squared is being introduced primarily as an ultralight trainer, and to fit into the new sport pilot program. According the factory "about 2 months before Sun N Fun the decision was made to offer the Kitfox Lite in a trike configuration." "The reason for this was that research has shown that a lot of pilots are intimidate by tail draggers add to this that most conventional training facilities are training on tri-cycle gear style aircraft." Another consideration was "the additional cost of insuring tail dragger aircraft." "Buy coming out with a tri-cycle geared aircraft we have been able to get around the sales objections of a tail wheeled aircraft"

Until the Sport Pilot Program is accepted the Lite squared will be only offered as a ready to fly aircraft to ultralight flight training schools, but it is also available to the schools in kit form, or can also be built and flown under the experimental category.

"In the case of the Light Squared we have it down to a 400 hour build time" this is possible because"we have prebuilt the frame, and wings, and rigged the wings to airframe, leaving you with simple nut and bolt construction to finish off the airplane."

"Once up and flying the Light equipped with a 503 Rotax engine, will give you between a 500 and 700 per minute climb rate, cruise at 80 mph." With a 912 Rotax engine the performance figures for climb will nearly double and cruise will increase to over 100 mph."

The Lite Squared like all Kitfox models has folding wings for quick and easy storage. For short trips the wings can be folded and the craft pulled along the highway on it's own gear, using a special tow bar. There are also a number of trailers available specifically designed to allow transport of a 'wing folded Kitfox."

In 2000, SkyStar introduced the Kitfox Lite Squared as a two-place companion to the single-place Kitfox Lite.  The Lite Squared was a reconfigured version of the Kitfox Classic 4, and rapidly gained popularity in the ultralight community. 

The Lite Squared also seemed to be the ?poster child? for the newly proposed Sport Pilot regulations, but time changed that viewpoint.  The Kitfox Series 7 was finally selected as SkyStar's entrant into the Sport Plane market.  With the implementation of Sport Pilot regulations, the ultralight trainer category of airplane was eliminated, resulting in the discontinuation of the Lite Squared version of the Classic 

Kitfox Lite Squared specifications and data.
Fuel Capacity: 10 gal 38 L
Cruise: 87 kts 161 kmh 100 mph
Stall: 32 kts 59 kmh 37 mph
Climb: 1,000 ft/min 5.1 m/sec
Takeoff Distance: 300 ft 91 m
Landing Distance: 250 ft 76 m
Gross Weight: 1,200 lbs 544 kg
Empty Weight: 600 lbs 272 kg
Useful Load: 600 lbs 272 kg

Kitfox Lite Squared experimental homebuilt lightsport aircraft

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