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Mosquito ultralight, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

Innovator Technologies now offers several versions of their Mosquito single place ultralight helicopter.

The basic unit is a wide open bugs in your teeth unit, while the latest XE model is fully enclosed.

The enclosure not something that has been added to cover the fuselage it is a "structural enclosure" and is actually part of the airframe, replacing the open frame of the helicopter.

Even with the addition of the enclosure the XE will still fit into the Part 103 ultralight regulations in the U.S. if it is equipped with floats.  Under Part 103 an ultralight is allowed a 60 lbs. float allowance.

The floats used on the XEL (The float equipped version is called the XEL) weigh in at only 15 lbs. allowing extra weight for the craft.

Innovator offers the unit in five sub kits. One of those being the open frame kit version. The XE actually takes less time to build than the original open frame kit.

Power on the XE is supplied by the 60 lb. Zanzottera MZ 202 engine which produces 65 hp, when equipped with a tuned exhaust. The MZ 202 comes with electric start and a clutch. The centrifugal clutch also the engine to start up and idle without being under a load.

At 2300 rpm the spragg clutch engages, which allows the rotor to drive in one direction and free wheel in the other. This allows the helicopter to auto rotate in case of engine failure, allowing it to land similar to a gyrocopter.

From the clutch power passes through a drive coupler which helps dampen vibration, and goes to the splitter gear box which transfers power to the shaft drive for the tail rotor and up to the main rotor.

The power to the main rotor is reduction drive driven via a belt system, which converts the 6,000 rpm of the engine down to the speeds need for rotor operation. All parts are manufactured on C & C equipment. The body for the XE is made in Florida.

Top speed on the XE is 80 mph. cruise speed comes in at 65 mph. Maximum pilot weight is 240 lbs. For float operation the company has developed a rear horizontal stabilizer for more down force on the rear of the craft, to compensate for the extra drag of the floats.

Training for the XE can be done in an R 22 or a Hughes 300 which has a similarcontrol feeling to the XE.

Current delivery times out of the factory are approximately sixty days. Thirty seven units have been delivered to customers, eight were flying as of August 2005.

The Mosquito is being offered in kit form and comes with laser formed frame parts, machined parts, instruments, rotor blades and engine. 

Each kit comes with a comprehensive assembly manual with drawings. The kit should take about 200 hours to build.

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Mosquito ultralight, Mosquito ultralight helicopter, Mosquito experimental light sport aircraft (ELSA), Light Sport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.
Mosquito ultralight - experimental lightsport aircraft

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