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P 51 Mustang  experimental aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft, amateur built aircraft.


I have never met a pilot who didn't need a drool bib when he/she got anywhere near a Mustang (and honest-to-God Mustang aficionados seem to be able to smell their presence from up to a mile away). 

But as I'm sure you well know, unless you're the proud owner of a fairy godmother or a self-rejuvenating bank account ? not to mention incredible pilot skills?the real thing is probably out of the question. That's okay, 'cuz it's still possible for the rest of us to look like incredible studs/studettes.

The 5151 is a high-quality, easy-to-build kit produces an aircraft that actually flies much more like a Cub than a true Mustang. But don't get me wrong; a powerful 65-hp Rotax 582 engine gives the 5151 impressive performance.

The wood-and-fabric taildragger is off the ground in 150', climbs at 1000 fpm, cruises at 85 mph, and lands in 250'. The stall speed is 30 mph. The standard fuel capacity is 5 gal, but, you can take it up to 13 gal. Gross weight is 900 lbs and payload with full fuel is 357 lbs.

The wingspan is 27.4' length 22.8' and leight 6'. Wing loading is 6.8 lbs/sq ft at gross weight and the structural limits are +4 and -2 G. The cabin is 24" wide and standard features include adjustable rudder pedals.

Control pressures are mild, the effectiveness is just short of aggressive, and the overall response is more than I expected and better behaved, as well. The roll rate (properly led by rudder) is pretty good, but not hot enough to scare a neophyte (indeed, despite the response, there is nothing at all scary about this thing). Pitch is pretty responsive and accompanied by a delightfully positive stability profile that is nearly matched by roll, rudder picks up a wing nicely, I might add). The stall is a very anti-climactic affair that comes with plenty of high-frequency buffeting around 35 mph with the actual stall in the neighborhood of 30 to 32 mph (real Mustangs taxi faster than that).

With a 60 mph approach (a bit fast, I think) after a deliciously steep slip, the Mustang came down to earth in a typical "hot-stuff" wheel landing that was as sweet to fly as any I have accomplished in the real thing. A three-pointer was just as predictable and just as easy to produce. This is a gutsy little bird.

Build time on the Mustang is 400+ hours and all of the parts are precut and numbered. Options available for the 5151 Mustang include wheels with brakes, custom molded wing, tail surface tips, ballistic parachute, and custom upholstery. Other things you might consider are fiberglass components including drop tanks, scoop intake, windshield attachment, and fuselage fairings, to name a few. The kit does not include the engine.

ZOOM REPORT: Don't let the appearance fool you?this is a sheep in wolf's clothing. As mean as the original Mustang may have been, the 5151 is docile and sweet-flying, much like a Champ. It does a great job with crosswinds, rowdy days, and cross-country exercises. The handling is simple and uncomplicated, the stability profile is fairly positive and rolling the canopy up on your personal Mustang is a major rush. Best of all, it's simple to build. Design/Engineering: B+.

Ground Handling: B+. Easier than expected.
Flight Characteristics:
B+. Surprisingly docile airplane.
Bang for the Buck:
Final Grade: B+. Recommended.

  • Realistic 3/4 scale P-51 looks
  • 2 to 3 gal/hr fuel economy
  • Powerful 65 hp Rotax 582 engine
  • Spacious cockpit for large pilots
  • Simple wooden construction
  • Clear, simple instructions
  • Highly pre-machined kit parts
  • Very clean airframe lines
  • Short field capabilities
  • Simple wing and tail removal for easy transport/storage
  • 400-500 hour kit (6 to 12 month average


  • Retract landing gear
  • Custom wing tanks
  • Electric start
  • Ballistic parachute
  • 3-blade or 4-blade propeller
  • Deluxe Interior Package

Loehle P51 Mustang replica aircraft, Loehle P51 Mustang experimental aircraft, Loehle P51 Mustang experimental light sport aircraft (ELSA), Lightsport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.
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