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Snedden M7 ultralight, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.


The Snedden M7 is a new type of fixed wing ultralight aircraft that is more exciting, powerful, stronger, and safer and is equipped with a new type of people friendly control system. 

The Snedden M7 is truly the ultralight reinvented with many new features, concepts and look that defy comparison to any other aircraft or ultralight vehicle.  The M7 ultralight is now undergoing flight tests. 

This revolutionary new ultimate thrill machine has a 3 second ground roll, awesome climb angle, high maneuverability and controllable straight ahead stall characteristics with no tendency for wing drop.  People fly for fun and the Snedden M7 is number one!

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The 254 pound maximum weight limit is the most defining element, and of greatest concern and challenge in the development of an advanced ultralight.  This is something that I take very seriously and am very enthusiastic about in the development of the revolutionary M7 ultralight using strict logical design guidelines, selection and development of the lightest and strongest structural design concepts, ingenuity and numerous innovative special features.  

The M7 is a very durable, cable braced, four wheel, float optional, complex low aspect ratio mid wing, semi compact, short take off ultralight design with upsweep wing tips, an unmistakable large inverted V-tail equipped with anti-servo flaps, a (3) three second ground roll and a very steep climb angle with the wing chord at 45 degrees to the horizon. The M7 is a two blade tractor (70 inch diameter Powerfin ?F? type with 2.6:1 cog belt reduction) powered by the  65 HP, 6300 RPM, Hirth 3203, dual ignition, 625 ccm two cylinder in line, two cycle, oil premix, air cooled engine with Al-Nikasil cylinder bores, dual carbs forward slanted and reed valves.

As impossible and wild as this may seem to most of you out there, this new benchmark extreme fun machine completely conforms to FAR 103 and A/C 103-7 and in some very advanced and safety enhancing ways.  No other type of fixed wing aircraft construction can offer the extreme power to weight to strength ratios that are perfected in the Snedden M7 advanced ultralight. 

The M7 will play a very important part in elevating ultralight aviation to becoming the peoples best and only choice in personal recreational aviation and in becoming the worlds greatest power sport.  It is widely believed that 40 HP is the maximum achievable engine size without going over weight in fixed wing ultralight designs currently available. It takes about 25 horsepower to just get that ultralight into the air and the remaining 15 HP is all that is left for serious climb, turning and maneuvering especially in any down drafting air.  The Snedden M7 has a serious surplus of 40 HP (65-25=40) which is 2.7 times greater than 15. 

The thrill will seem 10 times greater to the ultralighter and to onlookers who will take notice of the visibly exciting new era in aviation that is only possible with such perfected ultralight construction and design. Faster airplanes cannot use such light weight high strength construction due to wire noise and drag which are negligible at ultralight speeds.  For this and many other reasons airplanes or light sport aircraft will never compete with the thrill of the M7 ultralight design.  The Snedden M7 is the first new or fourth generation ultralight flying vehicle whose specification, capabilities and features will foster a new thinking and defining of reality about personal recreational flight in a language that speaks to a much greater percentage of the population..

The M7 will mark the beginning of a trend in personal aviation that will overwhelmingly favor advanced ultralights, where aircraft selection will be based on vehicle purpose, comparative data, the vehicles specifications, performance, maneuverability specifications, (minimum turn radius, angle of climb, power to weight ratio, etc.) fun ratings, minimal regulations, costs (purchase, training, storage, maintenance, fuel), personal schedules, storage and flight area types and access, etc.  The M7 raises the bar and establishes a new benchmark not just for others in the ultralight industry, but for those considering light sport airplanes and airplanes where people essentially fly for fun rather than piloting for business purposes.

Snedden M7 ultralight aircraft, Snedden M7 experimental aircraft, Snedden M7 experimental light sport aircraft (ELSA), Light Sport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.
Snedden M7 ultralight - experimental lightsport aircraft

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