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Tecnam P2008 light sport aircraft, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

Tecnam P2008

Tecnam North America Headquarters
7511 Airfield Drive, Box 8
Richmond, VA 23237

Tecnam Aircraft introduced their all new Tecnam P2008 to the U.S. light sport aircraft market at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2010.

The P2008 breaks from the traditional all metal aircraft that have been offered by Tecnam as it has an all composite carbon fiber fuselage, with metal wings.

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The Tecnam P2008 also features:

?A carbon fiber vertical stabilizer
?A semi-tapered wing
?Increased larger cockpit
?Large doors
?Excellent visibility with rear windows
?An exceptionally quiet cabin

By using carbon fiber Tecnam was able to the optimize the aerodynamic qualities, flight characteristics of the P2008.

Tecnam was able to utilize the expertise from its acquisition of Tecnam Spain. This addition allows Tecnam to make decisions based on design and structural integrity rather than purely the cost of production.

The wing is based on the well known NACA63A airfoil, and through partial tapering, it is brought close to the optimal lift distribution (elliptical). The single-slot flaps extend along much of the wing span. The Frise type aileron along with the taper design provide a high rate of roll.

The all movable type (stabilator) horizontal tail, traditional on all Tecnam aircraft, allows excellent controllability and excellent ?hands off? longitudinal stability.

The nose gear is free castering and consists of a tubular steel leg connected to the lower engine mount attachments, and is braced by a rubber shock absorber. All of the landing gear is faired to minimize drag. Ground steering is by differential braking.

The P2008 has high fuel capacity 110 liters - approximately 29 U.S. gallons; and the fuel tanks are installed in the wing box, behind the main spar, to preserve their integrity in case of a crash landing and to minimize fire potential.

The cabin width allows a large instrument panel size. It is modular design and permits to fit the most complete instrumentation, analog or digital.

The Tecnam P2008 is now available in the U.S. under the Light Sport Aircraft category.

Tecnam P2008 light sport aircraft - experimental lightsport aircraft

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Tecnam P2008 Index

Tecnam P2008 Pictures

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