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Lightsport Aircraft Pilot is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, ELSA or homebuilt aircraft in the United States and Canada. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.

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T Bird single place lightsport aircraft from Indy Aircraft.

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There are many models of automobile that you can identify on site, no matter what the year. Corvette, Volkswagen Beetle, Austin Mini are just a few. These models have developed a name for themselves for style, dependability, fuel economy etc.

We in the ultralight and light sport community also have a number of aircraft that have developed a following and thus have carved their own little niche markets. At the forefront of these is a little single seat craft the the T Bird.

T Bird 1 specifications
Empty Weight: 295 lbs.
Gross Weight: 577 lbs.
Wing Span: 31 ft.
Wing Area: 154. sq. ft.
Engine: 447 Rotax
Cruise Speed: 60 m.p.h.
Stall Speed: 25 m.p.h.
VNE: 90 m.p.h.
Construction: aluminum tube,
Building time: 100 Hrs.

I had a chance to talk to Bret Kivell of Indy Aircraft who manufacturers the T Bird line of light sport and experimental aircraft at Airventure 2007.

According to Bret T Bird is celebrating it's 25th year of production. The T Bird like the Volkswagen Beetle, is very unique in design and stands out in a crowd. But unlike the Beetle the T Bird didn't have to reinvent itself!

Very little has changed on the T Bird over the past quarter century. Yes like anything else the design has undergone various improvements, but to look at a plane 25 years ago, and look at it today a pilot would not be able to physically tell them apart.

This shows that the design has stood the test of time! It also shows that if you build a light sport or experimental aircraft that can be:

- built by someone in less than a month working at a leisurely pace.
- using only basic hand tools that you would find in the average homeowners garage.
- that requires no more knowledge than that of building a big erector set
- with a price that is within the reach of most pilots!

Then you have a recipe for success. The T Bird uses bolt together, aluminum tube construction, covered in dacron sail cloth. Controls are standard stick and rudder using a Yoke with a left hand throttle. Power for the single place T Bird starts with the 40 HP Rotax 447, but most pilots will opt for the 50 HP Rotax 503, while those really looking for a rocket ship will equip their planes with the Rotax 65 HP 582!

No matter what you power the T Bird single place with it has shown for over 25 years that it can do just about anything you ask of it. Whether flying on wheels, floats, or skis!

The T Bird is also a "convertible" that is it is available as either a tail dragger or a tri-cycle gear. Or can be converted between either in as little as an hour!

Indy Aircraft is currently offering the T Bird single place as an Experimental Aircraft under the 51% rule. The company is just completing new manuals etc for the plane and expects to have it available as a Lightsport Aircraft in the very near future.

All this has made the T Bird, with it's very distinctive design very successful! How successful? Bret estimates that there "are over 2,000 T Birds flying worldwide."

For more information contact:
Indy Aircraft Ltd.

601 - 17th Street SE
Independence , IA 50644
319-334-BIRD (2473)

T Bird Single Seat light sport aircraft coming in for a landing at Airventure.
T Bird single place lightsport aircraft from Indy Aircraft.

Rotax 503 on T Bird Single Place
Rotax 503 on T Bird Single Place
  T Bird - Yoke control
T Bird - Yoke control

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