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Aces High Cuby II experimental aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft, amateur built aircraft.

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No longer in business/No longer in production.
The Cuby II is a high-wing, dual-control, ultralight trainer produced in Canada. Depending on your engine choice, the Cuby II may be considered an experimental aircraft.

It has been tested and readily accepted in Canada, England, Italy, Hungary, and India (talk about a worldly craft). More than 200 kits were sold since its introduction in 1983.

The Cuby II weighs 530 lbs and can carry a payload of 456 lbs with full fuel. The craft is constructed of welded-steel tubing, aluminum, and fabric. A Rotax 503 is the standard engine although Hirth, Rotax, Mosier, JPX, or Emdair engines may be used.

The 503 will give you a rate of climb of 600 fpm, cruise of 80+ mph, and top speed of 110 mph. Stall speed is 30 mph. Fuel capacity is 12 or 24 gal. You'll see a cruise range of 240 miles on 12 gal. You also have the option of two or three-blade prop. The service ceiling lo 15,000'.

The Cuby II is 18.4' in length and just under 56 in height. Wingspan is 33.5' and wing area is In I sq ft. The wings are made of aluminum and covered with fabric. Structural limits provided by the manufacturer are +6 and -3 G. Cabin width is 39" with 31" of legroom and 36" of headroom. The Cuby II will accommodate pilots between 5' and 6'8".

Options available included floats, skis, folding wings, quick-build kit, and accessories for crop dusting. Setup/disassembly time is 20 minutes. The folding wings can be folded in a mere 5 minutes.

Build time on this aircraft is about 200 hours.

Wing Failure Advisory on the Cuby II in PDF format.

Aces High Cuby II experimental homebuilt lightsport aircraft

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