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Kolb FireFly ultralight, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

Kolb Firefly

The Kolb gang sure has a way with legal ultralights... having built several really neat little machines that perform in a most brazen manner when asked to strut their stuff. No shrinking violets, these Kolb flyers are also easy to fly and very undemanding tail draggers. All in all, Kolb builds fine airplanes.

The Firefly was yet another metal and fabric refinement of the ultralight model, as dreamed up by the gang at Kolb. Standing 5.7' tall and 19.5' long, the high-folding-wing Firefly spreads its wings to 22' when fully deployed. Some 117 sq ft of wing area constitute a wing stressed to +4 and -2 G.... and then some (I'm not telling you how I know that).

The pusher-motivated Firefly is powered by the Rotax 447 developing 40 hp. It ha a top speed of 63 mph, a cruise of 53 mph, and a stall speed of 28 mph. It needs just 150 ft. for takeoff or landing and climbs rather swiftly at 1000 fpm. The 5 gal fuel supply is good lot about 130 miles of range and the bird ha a service ceiling of 13,000'.

Weighing in at 250 lbs, the Firefly has a useful load of 300 lbs and a gross weight of 550 lbs. The semi-open cockpit is 24" wide offers 38" of headroom and 40" of legroom.

Options include a quick-build kit BRS parachute, floats and powder coating. Covering and painting of wings and tail surfaces are available for the Firefly as well.

Z00M REPORT: Voted one of the 12 Best ultralights of 1996 by US Aviator magazine, you know that this has to be a fun flyer... especially after you hear that ultralight pioneer Homer Kolb is its father. How can you argue with a simple folding-wing design, incredible short takeoff and landing properties, responsive controls, and a dynamite stability profile? We can't and that is why we like the ship so much. Particularly forgiving in terms of ground handling, this is a great machine for knowledgeable taildragger drivers and is produced by an exceptional company with a particularly notable history of sterling customer service and great aircraft.

Design/Engineering: B+ Folding wing design is spectacular.
Ground Handling: B
Flight Characteristics: B+
Kit: B+
Bang for the Buck: A- affordable, lots of performance.
Final Grade: B+ A thoroughly well designed bird. Highly recommended.

Kolb FireFly ultralight - experimental lightsport aircraft

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