Kolb Mark III lightsport aircraft, Kolb Mark III experimental lightsport aircraft, Lightsport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.

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Kolb Mark III lightsport aircraft, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

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Kolb Mark III is a high-wing, strut braced taildragger with side-by-side seating. The bird is built from steel tube and aluminum, covered by normal aircraft fabric-materials. A bit more durable, this means the bird can be stored outside a lot more without fear of significant wing cover deterioration.

Kolb Mark III has a roomy 42" cabin that offers 41" of headroom and 42" in of leg room. It will hit a top speed of 85 mph with the Rotax 503 engine and cruise at 75 mph. It has an empty weight of 450 lbs but will carry 490 lbs. with full fuel.

The dimensions are: wing span 30', wing-length 22.5', height 6.3'. The 160-sq-ft wing has half-span flaps and stalls at 33 mph. Wing loading is 6.25 lbs/sq ft and the structural limits +4 and -2 G.

If you're keeping your eyes open for STOL capabilites, the Kolb Mark III by Kolb should be looked into. It's great for a leisurely sightseeing trip.

The aircraft will take off in 250' and land in 200' (for real, we've done even better than that with two people on board and smoking brakes). Rate of climb is 850 fpm with the 65-hp Rotax 582. The 10-gal fuel load allows a cruise range of 130 miles. The aircraft can also accommodate a Rotax 912.

The Kolb Mark III flies more like a single-seater even fully loaded. Light control pressures couple with aggressive roll and pitch response and a pleasant stability profile to make an excellent trainer or new cross-country cruiser. Stalls are very mild and we found a real resistance to spin, except with very overt persuasion. Recovery comes quickly with corrective rudder and negative pitch pressure (just a little forward of neutral will break the spin as quick as a quarter turn).

For those of you into aerial photography?or who just want a good view?the Kolb Mark III has lots of windows and gives a full 360-degree view of the scenery. The kit takes 500 hours to build but quick-build options are available

Design/Engineering: B+ Folding wing design is spectacular.
Ground Handling:
Flight Characteristics:
Company Profile:
Bang for the Buck:
A- Affordable, lots of performance.
Final Grade:
Highly Recommended

ZOOM REPORT: Once again, it's very hard to fault a Kolb aircraft. As a two-seater, it handles the extra load well. The seating is comfortable and the handling will let the cross-country jock or flight instructor relax and enjoy the bird to the max.

Kolb Mark III lightsport aircraft, Kolb Mark III experimental lightsport aircraft, Lightsport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.
Kolb Mark III lightsport aircraft - experimental lightsport aircraft

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