Merlin GT lightsport aircraft, Merlin GT experimental lightsport aircraft, Lightsport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.

Lightsport Aircraft Pilot is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, ELSA or homebuilt aircraft in the United States and Canada. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.

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Merlin GT lightsport aircraft, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

Merlin GT Manufacturers:

The Merlin has been described as the Jeep of the sport plane industry. This airplane was designed from a wish list. Pilots, instructors, and experienced homebuilders were surveyed and asked what they wanted in an affordable airplane, and then designer John Birch was off to the drawing board.

They came up with a sturdy airframe made of heavier than normal steel tubing, a 41 inch wide cockpit with a large instrument panel area, and 8 by 6 tundra tires. The latest models were improved with a one piece fiberglass cowling, and at Cessna 140 style skylight.

If you need rugged features, because you're into camping the 10 sq.ft. cargo pod, which was optional offered plenty of room for your tent and other necessary equipment.

Optional floats and skis are available to transform this into a true go anywhere aircraft.

The 1300 pound gross weight aircraft has an empty weight of 510 pounds. Fuel capacity is 13 gallons, though a 16 gallon capacity was available as an option. Length is 20 feet, height is 6'4". The 30 foot wings have rounded wingtips. Wing area is 167 ft.?, and wing loading is 7.8 pounds per square foot. The wings are designed to handle normal load limit of +4 and -2 G's. The Merlin GT 582 stalls at 33 mph and can cruise up to 333 miles. Payload with full fuel is 712 pounds.

The wing is foldable for transporting the airplane. The standard engine was the 65 hp Rotax 582. They had a wide selection of optional engines as well, which gets the side-by-side two-seater off the ground in just 85 feet.

Climb is 800 ft./m, although if you're flying solo, the climb rate will increase to 1200 ft./m. Cruise is about 90 miles per hour and you'll need 150 feet to land. The fabric, tubing, and sheet metal craft took about 300 to 450 hours to build.

Zoom Report:

If you're looking for a super trainer or mellow cruiser, this is your bird. Flight is allowable with the doors open or closed for the maximum air-conditioning whenever the mood hits. Flight controls are responsive without being twitchy. The bird has a surprisingly positive stability profile and it handles very easily on the ground.

Design engineering: B-
Ground handling: B Fairly bulletproof
Flight characteristics: B Makes an excellent trainer
Bang for the buck: B
Ground Handling:
Very comfortable flyer. Highly recommended.

Merlin GT lightsport aircraft, Merlin GT experimental lightsport aircraft, Lightsport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.
Merlin GT lightsport aircraft - experimental lightsport aircraft

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