Skyleader 500 light sport aircraft, Skyleader 500 experimental light sport aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.

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Skyleader 500 light sport aircraft, experimental lightsport, amateur built aircraft.

Skyleader USA

E. R. Miller Enterprises, Inc.
Kappa Aircraft
P.O. Box 732, Pocono Pines
PA 18350-0732, USA
570 839 6450

The aircraft SKYLEADER 500 LSA is a two-seater, all-metal, low-wing construction with a direct wing and a standard placement of the engine. According to LSA regulations the aircraft has fixed landing gear with steerable nose wheel. Different avionic versions available.

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SKYLEADER 500 LSA was designed for a wide range of flight missions:
- Maximum flight enjoyment
- Recreational flying
- Comfortable cruising
- Flight training
- Glider / banner towing
- Special operations (boarder patrol, coast guard, fire observer, traffic control) 
The history of SKYLEADER aircraft goes back to the early 90s, when the first conception of a modern, four-seat airplane was created. This airplane, with a designation Z90, was designed as a substitution for the existing Z40 series from the company Moravan. It was in the time, when the function of a chief designer of the L 410 and L 610 aircrafts at the former company LET Kunovice. Z90 had also a lighter variant - TP41, whose study had been already worked out in the Institute of Aerospace Engineering (IAE). At that time the existing economical and organizational conditions in the country initiated some irrational steps in the Czech aircraft industry and thus did not allow the realization of the Z90 project. Nevertheless the concept of a modern all-metal airplane was set up. When the possibility, to build an ultra-light version of the aircraft Z90 or TP41 came along, I seized the opportunity with enthusiasm as a member of the professional team of KAPPA 77 company.

Most of the workers came from the former Aero Holding prominent company - JIHLAVAN, so it was no wonder that the development of the aircraft was very quick and the prototype was ready just one year after the design work was started. The design criteria for this aircraft were strictly set from the very beginning of the design work. First of all the aircraft had to be equipped with a retractable landing gear, adapted for an operation on unpaved and grassed runways. The excellence of performance, given by the general conception and aerodynamic clearness, as well as low stall speed, which led to the use of Fowler flaps, was a must. From a technological point of view, the airplane was made out of very thin duralumin plates, joint by the use of blind rivets. Integral fuel tanks were built in and many other solutions found implementation in this plane, which rather corresponded to the higher class of GA.

After the first flight, it was immediately obvious that the projected parameters will be reached. KP-2U SOVA was shown at the Jihlava Aerosalon in 1996 for the first time, drew the attention of the general public, and started wholly new concept of ultra-light aircrafts, with speed range above 200km/h. It is necessary to mention that there has been no need to change radically anything on KP-2U Sova (RAPID) since the prototype and the aircraft went successfully into serial production and on the market. But this is another story, where economics of production, marketing, operating conditions etc. have an important role. It is obvious that SKYLEADER 200 UL or 500 LSA with factory production in JIHLAVAN airplanes, s.r.o. Czech Republic has real preconditions for growth and economic success.

Anton? P?ěk, prof. Eng. CSc. is currently working as a professor at the Brno University of Technology on the position of a Director of the Institute of Aerospace Engineering. His areas of interest are aircraft design, stress analyses of aircraft structures, mechanics, finite element methods, experimental stress analysis of aircraft structures, etc. He has worked more than 30 years in the aerospace industry as a head of the team in the stress analysis and design and research departments and a chief designer of the small transport aircrafts L 410 UVP and L 610 at the aircraft works LET, a.s. Kunovice, CZ. Since 1992 he works in the Institute of Aerospace Engineering and he is its Director since 1993.

He is the author of several aircraft projects ? first of which - KP-2U RAPID has serial production in JIHLAVAN airplanes, s.r.o. He is currently leading the project of a five seat, modern conception aircraft VUT 100 ? Cobra (under certification), together with the team of the company Evector, s.r.o. Mr. P?ěk is a member and a national representative for the Czech Republic in ICAS (International Council of the Aeronautical Science), m ember of the operation commission of the Aero-Space and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), member of the Advisory group for Aviation in EU, member of the Parliament Board for Aviation of the Economic Committee of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Since the year 2000 he is the leader of the granted project from the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic for the foundation of the Aerospace Research Centre (ACR).

Skyleader 500 light sport aircraft, Skyleader 500 experimental light sport aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine.
Skyleader 500 light sport aircraft - experimental lightsport aircraft

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