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Paradise lightsport aircraft from Paradise U.S.A.

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Paradise USA had on display at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo the first two Paradise lightsport aircraft to be imported into the U.S. The plane has been market in Brazil for over seven years, where 64 of them are currently flying.

The aircraft are brought in from Brazil in a container. Paradise USA which has operated out of the Sebring Regional Airport for over a year, then reassembles them and prepares them for delivery.

The fuselage uses a 4130 chromoly steel tube frame, covered in aluminum sheet metal. The wings feature all aluminum metal  construction, using solid aircraft grade rivets.

The craft is powered by the Rotax 912 S, 100 HP 4 cylinder Rotax aircraft engine. Cruise at 5200 rpm is 120 mph. The craft comes a fuel capacity of 25 gallons with the fuel located in wing tanks. Climb rate at gross, is over 800 feet per minute. Approach speed with full flap is 55 mph, with stall coming in at 45.


The Paradise has 4 notches of flaps available, which are manually operated via a lever located on the floor between the seats. The elevator and rudder trim are also manually operated and are found on the center console below the throttle.

Take off distance using one notch of flap is 300 feet.

The Paradise comes standard with dual yokes and rudder pedals, with a center mounted throttle. Dual hydraulic toe brakes, and a parking brake are also standard. The Paradise uses a castering nosewheel and toe brakes for ground handling.

The craft comes with a standard "six pack" instrument panel located on the left hand side of the cockpit, with GPS and radio in the center panel, and engine instruments on the right hand panel. A number of glass panels are offered as optional equipment.

The seats use an adjustment mechanism similar to that of the average family car. They can also be completely removed in a matter of seconds. In fact while doing the interview for this report a customer asked to have one of the seats removed, so that he could try laying his 6 foot frame in the plane. He did so quite comfortably.

The area directly behind the seats is very large and roomy as was demonstrated by the factory when they place several fully loaded golf bags into it.

LSA certification for the Paradise was granted on January 10, 2008.

For more information

Paradise USA
446 Haywood Taylor Blvd
Sebring FL 33870

Paradise lightsport aircraft from Paradise U.S.A.
Paradise lightsport aircraft from Paradise U.S.A.

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