Portable aircraft hangar, Perry Enterprises Carrollton Georgia mobile aircraft hangars.

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Perry Enterprise mobile, portable aircraft hangars

Deryl Perry of Perry Enterprises and Equipment was at Sun N Fun with his TP1000 Mobile, portable aircraft hangarsmobile aircraft hangar. The hangar comes in three sections, a left wing box, a right wing box, and the center section.

At the factory they remove the left and right wing boxes, set them in the center section and put them on a special trailer, for transport down the highway as a wide load.

This makes the unit mobile and portable. If for some reason you had to move the hangar on your airfield or to another field it can simply be disassembled, and moved.

The hangars are available in both kit form and wide load form. In kit form it takes about 3 days to have the hangar ready to use. Tools needed to do the assembly are regular screw drivers, wrenches, sockets, and pliers. No welding, or drilling is required.

The TP1000 hangar is manufactured with high grade welded tubular red oxide primed steel, max ribbed galvanized steel panels, and baked enamel steel siding. The main door is spring loaded and is retracted into the ceiling using a boat style hand winch, which can be stopped in any position while going up or down.

The left and right wing box doors bi-fold in on top mounted rollers. The unit locks on 6 places on the main door, plus two locks on each wing box door. This secures the hangar from wind and vandals. An access door is located in either the left or right hand wing box section.

The standard hangar is manufactured for a 55 lbs. snow load and the unit can be engineered for up to a 95 lbs. snow load at additional cost. The TP1000 on display was manufactured for 140 mph wind load, with a 30 lbs. live load.

The hangar can be located on a concrete pad, pavement, or any hard service.

For more information contact
Perry Enterprises and Equipment

3784 Shady Grove Rd
Carrollton GA 30116
Phone 1-800-390-1882 Fax 1-770-830-9150


Portable aircraft hangar, Perry Enterprises Carrollton Georgia mobile aircraft hangars.

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